Less than a decade back, medical tourism was hardly in vogue. Patients living in developed nations, like the United States, had no alternative but to foot the exorbitant bills charged by their local healthcare centers. Countries processing the healthcare requirements through a public healthcare system were so overburdened that it took years for the treatment process to get initiated. Nevertheless, the present scenario of the healthcare system in most of the developed nations has not changed much. The rising medical expenses and the lengthy waiting periods are still common in most of the developed nations. But, unlike ten years back, the patients in these developed countries now have a far better alternative of fulfilling their medical needs in an even better and convenient manner. Today, a majority of developing countries are extending world-class cost effective medical services as a package to suit the needs of these patients. Not only that, the patients opting for these packages get added facilities like five star luxury accommodation and a chance to visit the tourism wonders of that country. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

The quality of medical treatment available in these developing countries is at par and sometimes even better than that of the United States and UK. The medical practitioners in the countries specializing in medical tourism are not only well trained but also have considerable experience in their own domains. The respective governing bodies of these countries, after having realized the growing potential of medical tourism industry, are leaving no stones unturned to popularize their services by raising their quality standards. In the past few years many major corporations have also made substantial investments in setting up state of art hospitals and clinics providing world-class medical services. As a result, today more than two lakh foreign patients visit countries like India and Malaysia to meet their medical needs. In the coming years, it’s estimated that more than half a million foreign patients will seek medical treatment in India alone.

Among the various countries offering medical tourism services, India has been successful in carving out a niche segment for themselves. Recent estimates suggest that the number of patients from foreign countries opting for a medical treatment in India is growing at the rate of 30% each year. From the economic perspective, by the year 2012, the medical tourism industry in India is all set to earn a revenue of around $2.2 billion dollars a year. The primary reason that can be attributed to this success is the sophisticated medical infrastructure available in India. Apart from that, India also offers some added medical benefits that are otherwise not available at a cheaper rate elsewhere. Foreign patients coming to India for a hip replacement surgery can very well opt for a hip resurfacing procedure, which not only reduces the post operative trauma but also is done at a far economical rate as compared to other destinations.

In the years ahead, the market for¬†http://www.recoverdiscover.com/”> medical tourism in India, as well as in the other countries will be in a continuous state of expansion. The number of patients seeking medical treatment in foreign countries will continue to increase, particularly from the United States, not only because of the low cost factor but also due to the likely growth in the number of people without a health insurance or a dental coverage.