There is some people that spend their holidays in a restaurant. Not only in one but in many of the restaurants of the city they are visiting. While it is good to get a taste of the local cuisine, I wonder how much of the city they have discovered if they have spent the time filling their stomach! Restaurant tourism is, alike beach tourism, a way to waste a trip if not done properly. What to do at sentosa singapore 

I usually wonder about this things. I always encourage people to get to try some restaurants at the place they go. It’s not that I’m the kind of posh person (probably I’m exactly the opposite) but a taste of local food always gives a better impression of the place you are visiting.

From here to the point where some people end there’s a huge difference. First, in restaurant tourism there is always a big problem. The same big problem we always have. Following the crowd. And if a restaurant has 356 stars given by certain magazine, then that restaurant must really kill. And definitely it kills. It kill from a heart attack when you see the price at the end of the meal. That bill can’t provide with a good digestion. Probably for several days until your finances recover.

The important thing in the end is that if you go on restaurant tourism you are able to find the cozy little restaurants where they really do prepare the things normal people eat. If you ask yourself the question, the answer is pretty easy. A restaurant that costs 100 Euros the meal can’t be typical of the place you visit simply because nobody in the place you visit can pay for it! In the end, this great restaurant appears to be just the typical… for little-headed tourists!

Just take this advice. Restaurant guides will normally not point you to the good deals. There is never a better meal than in a cozy little familiar restaurant with all attentions from the owners in making you enjoy your meal. As Anthony Bourdain (a TV star who loves restaurant tourism) has said, his best meals have been always in the most familiar places, sometimes even eating with a local family, not even in a restaurant.